Well I’m back


That’s right, my adventure in Japan is over, and it’s been a very long time since I wrote anything on this blog. I want to keep writing, and I will be looking back more and more to write posts about my adventures in Japan, and some since returning.

So some quick news. Yes, I returned from Japan on 15th August, with nearly 30 hours travelling door-to-door. But before leaving Japan, I of course did many things, went to some new places and some old, met new people and made friendships stronger. I got a girlfriend. I went to Spain. I visited the new tallest building in Japan. I ate food from all over the world: Spain, Italy, France, England, America, China, Korea, Japan, Peru, Thailand. The last few months that I had in Japan I will remember forever, as they were some of the best to me.

Soon I will be returning to university, but the adventure is not over. I want to keep travelling, keep experiencing new things. I plan to go to Finland within the next year, possibly other European countries. My girlfriend is coming to England in September, too, which will be another sort of adventure entirely.

So yes, hopefully I will start to post more here, along with the literal thousands of photos I have (see here). I think the next post will be about my trip to Kobe, although there are dozens of other things to write about too!

See you all soon,

Safe Travels



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