Conveyor belt sushi @ Kappazushi


Last weekend (Saturday 9th), Bettina and I decided to head out for sushi. Not far from where we live, maybe a 10-minute cycle ride, is a chain restaurant called Kappasushi (かっぱ寿司). Kappasushi is a cheap but good conveyor-belt sushi chain here in Japan.

In Japanese, 回転寿司/かいてんずし/kaitenzushi is the word used for conveyor belt sushi (lit. go around sushi). The nearest kaitenzushi restaurant to me is a chain restaurant called Kappasushi (a kappa is an amphibious creature from Japanese folklore, sort of like a turtle-man-monster).




With most dishes costing only ¥105, you can get quite a lot of food for a fairly low price. Before I had even taken off my jacket, Bettina had already grabbed herself 4 plates from the conveyor. I myself started with some prawn nigiri  (the kind of sushi with a block of rice and then a topping, usually fish), followed by salmon and tuna:



Prawn nigiri

Most people would in the West would have already been to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant before, such as Yo! Sushi in the UK, so the conveyors won’t be much of a surprise to you. But one thing that many conveyor belt sushi restaurants have in Japan that I haven’t seen in England are the sushi trains.

Of course, anywhere you eat sushi, you can order specific items from the menu from your waiter or waitress. But in Japan, they do away with the hassle of human contact. Instead, every table has a touch screen menu, where you simply choose what you want and push “order”. Then once your order is ready, a small yellow train shoots along above the conveyor belt, stopping at your table, ready to eat.



Sushi train

Being so affordable, over a dozen plates cost me only around ¥1900 (a little over £11). For a quick, easy and tasty meal, I’d recommend one of Japan’s hundreds of conveyor belt sushi restaurants.



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