Hiroshima Pre-trip Planning



Well, in a few days I will be getting my student loan through, and I will have enough money to do something worthwhile again and go travelling.

Two years ago I spent a week in Hiroshima, doing the usual sightseeing, meeting new friends and the like. It was an incredibly fun week, and I met a lot of great people. I wish I had photos from Hiroshima, but that was part of the group of photos that did not get backed up online, and so when my laptop broke, I lost all of them.

So, next weekend I have decided to go back to Hiroshima, see the city again, take lots of photos and try and find some old friends still in the city.

I will be travelling by coach with Willer Express. It is by no means the fastest way to get to Hiroshima, but it is much cheaper than taking the bullet train. A round trip with Willer Express, from Umeda in Osaka to Hiroshima Station, costs about ¥8,000.



Once in Hiroshima, I will be staying at J-Hoppers Hiroshima as I did last time. I stayed there before, and know it to be a nice place. For a room in a dormitory, it will only cost you about ¥2,500 a night, so cheap as chips.


So I’ve made my plans, and on Thursday I will book everything last minute (hopefully), and then I’m off, to the furthest from home I’ve been seen being in Japan!


Happy travels folks,



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