McDonald’s Japan’s New “American Vintage ’50s”

From the start of January this year, McDonald’s Japan has started selling a new series of burgers inspired by America in the past. Right now we have the “American Vintage ’50s” series, which will be followed by meals inspired from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.


So last week, during a short break between my classes, I dropped into the local McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat. Seeing they had these new burgers being promoted, I thought I should give it a try, and I had high expectations, remembering the American series that we had back in England a couple of years ago.

I picked the “Diner Double Beef (ダイナーダブルベーフ/daina daburu bi-fu)” set, the burger of which you can see on the left of the picture above. The “set” as they are called in Japan, or meal as we would call it, cost ¥770, which is of course the burger, a drink and a box of fries with cheese sauce and “bacon topping”. So not much more expensive that a usual set in McDonald’s Japan.

Once I’d found a seat, I opened up the fries, and squirted on the “cheese”. It was not cheese. It was some plastic tasting, foul smelling imitation cheese, and the “bacon topping” did not help the flavour either. The idea is a brilliant one, cheese covered chips from McDonald’s, but the execution is terrible. From now on, I will be wary of anything in Japan called cheese, as well as “cheese” from any American company.


It seems I am not the only one who didn’t enjoy the chips, as shown in this article by RocketNews24.

The burger itself was average at best. Two beef burgers, a fried egg and onion, with a black pepper sauce. The burgers were pappy, the sauce has a strange chemical taste to it and the egg was tasteless. But the black pepper sauce at least gave it some flavour.


It’s safe to say that I won’t be eating that particular burger again. However, I’ll still be keeping my eye out for the next in the series, especially as I’ve read in the past about tasty looking burgers coming out of McDonald’s Japan.


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