Ah Sukiya. It’s cheap, it’s basic and it fills your stomach. Faster and cheaper than any western fastfood chain as well. The students saviour, open 24 hours a day all over the country.

Anyone that has been to or is living in Japan will already know about this chain of restaurants. So this post is more for the people that don’t know.


This is what I usually order. Chizudon to ontama. That first word literally means “cheese bowl”. See Sukiya specialises in a bowl of rice, with some sort of meat topping, usually beef and onions. I get mine with cheese on top. Ontama means a par-boiled egg, which I like to mix together, making a sloppy cheese, beef and onion on top of my rice.

Many westerners may be put off of an egg that is only part cooked, but it is quite normal here, and perfectly safe to eat. In fact it is more common to see people mixing in raw eggs. Don’t knock it until you try it!

So for this large bowl of rice, meat, cheese, onion and egg, what will it cost you? All of that is less than ¥500 (£3). Dirt cheap, easy, quick and healthy. If you’re in Japan and want something quick, check out your local Sukiya!


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