On Top of Osaka – 27/09/13

What seems like an age ago now, back at the end of September, a friend and I, Bettina, headed up to Osaka on a clear evening.

Our first stop was the Osaka Sky Building, one of the tallest buildings in Osaka and one of my favourite places in the city. SO we hopped on the Keihan line and set off to the city.



The lovely Bettina on the Dōtonbori Canal.


The Umeda Sky Building is one of my favourite tourist attractions in the Kansai reason. The views from the top are stunning. I had hoped to get their for sunset, but we left too late and it was already dark by the time we got there. Bettina hadn’t been there before and was getting ridiculously excited on the run up to getting there, and was took a huge amount of photos.



View from the top.


The tower is 40 stories tall, with a ring-shaped viewing platform at the top called “The Floating Garden Observatory“. You can see a 360° view of Osaka and down the coast to the Inland Sea and Kobe. To go up the tower only costs ¥700. At the top is a cafe and lots of places to sit and enjoy the view.

One thing I had forgotten about the first time I went to the building was how big a date spot it was. Every single person up there that night were a couple, and their were hearts everywhere. I guess I hadn’t noticed the first time, but it got fairly strange the second time.



Sea of lights.



Bettina at the top



Osaka Hi-rise


After a couple of hours at the top and a quick beer, we headed back down and made our way South to Dōtonbori, a central area of Osaka with many shops, restaurants and bars. It was getting on in the evening and we wanted something to eat. However I did get us slightly lost on the way. The thing with Japanese stations is that they are huge. Aside from the tracks and platforms, they often have dozens of exits, and are frequently linked to underground shopping centers and into above ground department stores. I managed to chose the wrong exit, and we ended up half a mile from where I though we would be. We chose a restaurant on the side of the canal, under the famous “Glico Man”, and ordered yakisoba (noodle dish with mixed meats) and okonomiyaki (a savioury pancake made with meat, cabbage and noodles, topped in special sauce in mayonnaise).



Pulling silly faces








After finishing our meal, we had some time left, so I took Bettina to what is still my favourite bar in Osaka, DS CAFE. I’ve written before out that bar, and I still love it there. So we had a few drinks, met a random Filipino man, then had to dash for the last train home!


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