17/12/13: School is over

So yeah, university finished for me this last Thursday, with the last of my essays and the last of my exams. Now is just the waiting game to find out our final grades. I’ve already had two back, so now just waiting on the last two.

Today I went to Smile English School (sumairu eikaiwa in Japanese) to a sort of job interview. I had found out this school through a friend, and had contacted them about two months ago about working. So I went today, and it wasn’t really an interview. Simply, work this time and we’ll give you this much. This will be the second job I’ve worked in Japan, with a third coming up around Christmas. So that’s three jobs, and not a single interview, not a single CV given out, and no experience needed for any of them. I’m glad I’m working now and that I can earn some real money (the bar honestly doesn’t pay well). Having this money now means I can go out and experience Japan a whole lot more than I already have, and I’m planning to get out of the Kansai area (where I live, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe etc.). I’m thinking of heading to maybe Tokyo towards the end of the holiday.

Coming to the end of term means that a lot of the exchange students are leaving Japan now. Most people here only stay one term rather than two like I do. It’s going to be strange not seeing the usual people’s faces around at university. But, next semester will bring new friends and new opportunities.

As for Christmas, I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing yet. I’ve been trying to plan going to get Christmas dinner somewhere in Osaka, but I haven’t gotten round to doing it yet. I need to get that sorted!


And well, that’s about it today. Sorry, no photos this time round, this one is just a quick catch up post. I’ll soon be writing again about things I have done over the past couple of months, and my experience as an English teach here in Japan.

That’s all folks, see you next time.



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