Welcome back to Osaka!


So, what seems like a very long time ago now, I got back to Osaka. The first time I had come here was over two years ago, in July 2011.
Arriving back this time, after about an 18 hour flight, somehow felt very different. On first landing, it was fine. Got through airport security, and jumped on the train from the airport. It was sunset, and the train from Kansai International heads on a very low bridge over the sea. You can’t see any land, so it sort of feels like you’re speeding through the water itself.

Eventually, just before dark, I got to the hostel. The shitty hostel in the shitty part of Osaka. But it was cheap, and I was there. AND IT WAS HOT! Somewhere in the mid-30s for the first month of being here, and I definitely wasn’t ready after being in cool England. So with a couple of hours to burn, I headed up to a bar I’d been to before, and one that I still love going to.

Somehow, even after two years, I could still pretty much remember how to walk across all of main Osaka, to find one specific bar. My route probably isn’t the most direct around, but it’s nice enough, and heads through most of the most famous areas of Osaka: Shin-Sekai, DenDen Town, Nanba, Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi. And eventually I made it to Amemura.


Shin Sekai at night (taken w/ iPhone 4S and ProHDR)


Dotonbori Canal at night (iPhone 4s w/ ProHDR).


This is a photo from two years ago, but it was still fun. Maybe Yocchan was being nice, or maybe he actually remembered, but either way he said he did haha (the guy holding the piece of paper). If I had planned to stay longer, and didn’t have a wet-rag to carry around (more on that later), I’d probably have stayed longer. The boss did give me a free shot and chaser though, which is always great.

I said before that it was somehow different. I mean that, perhaps there were many things I hadn’t noticed before, or that I’d forgotten about. I’d forgotten it wasn’t a sparkling clean place (maybe it’s just Osaka), and I didn’t remember there being so many homeless people around. It sort of jolted me a little bit. But, I still love it here, and I don’t really care about it anymore!

[some text missing]

So that’s all we’ve got time for tonight: the highs and lows of the first couple of days. See you next time folks!



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