And a one, and a two


Happy December everyone!

Those of you that know me will know that I have already tried several times at making a blog, and at some point of another I get bored and give up, or decide to change completely what the blog is about.

But now, over 3 months into living in Japan, I’m going to try again, and hopefully this time make regular updates!

Of course having been here since August, so much has already happened, far too much to talk about in one post. So what I’m going to do instead is choose my few favourite photos, or important photos, post them and write about them. And then after that I can just blog normally.

So here’s the first photo:


So this is possibly one of the first trips I went on in Japan. Way back at the end of August, during induction week, everyone went on a trip to Kyoto. But out group decided to ditch everyone else and do our own thing, so we went to this place: Kinkaku-ji, The Golden Temple. I’d been there two years before, but it’s stil a beautiful place. I often think it’s a shame that places like this are no longer used functionally, but are now merely tourist attractions. I went with people I’d really only just met, but who became good friends.



September was by far my busiest month so far, going all over the place. But I chose this photo of some friends at a baseball game. It wasn’t something particularly cultural, and none of us are big baseball fans (let along Japanese baseball), but it was fun. Sitting in the baking sun (and getting very burnt), knocking back a few beers and trying to make sense of everything that was happening.



October was the complete opposite of September. With money getting tighter, are started going on less adventures. However, I did get a job at a bar close by. It’s a hip hop and r&b bar, neither of which I like, but the people there are nice. This photo is from one night, I probably finished around 12 or 1 at night. And everyone still there decided to go on a drive. SO we drove out to Nara, above the city of Ikoma, and climbed a very dark, very steep and very wet mountain at 3am. The view at the top was worth it though. This is supposedly one of the the top 3 views in the Kansai area.



November brought Autumn, and a very sudden change in climate. Kyoto is famous for the colour of it’s Autumn leaves, so a friend and I headed to South-East Kyoto, to Eikando, a Buddhist temple, to come see the leaves. This photo is from the highest point in the temple, at the base of a pagoda (the temple spreads into the mountains). However, as with October, November didn’t have much adventuring either.

And that’s where we’re up to now. Of course there are a lot more things that I’ve done, and that I will probably come back to later. Soon the school term will be over, and many people will be returning home. I’m staying in Japan throughout. And, with the coming of January and the New Year, I will have many more opportunities to see much more of Japan, and maybe other parts of Asia too. After these past few months, the urge to go out and do more is great. I’m going to make the most of the next nine months.

See you all soon,


(First and second photos taken using iPhone 4S and ProHDR app. Second photo also used the Olloclip 3-in-1 lens. Third photo taken on an Olympus E-510)


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